FOURSQUARE 15 YO 57.1% 2008


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FOURSQUARE 2008 – 15 YO 57.1%

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Nose: Touches of maple syrup, pine resin and cedar, but also some butterscotch, mead and sweet pastries. Then a hint of cigar boxes, mint and potpourri. Finally some orange blossom water and elderflower.
Taste: Unexpectedly mellow, but in the best possible way. Rich in flavour and almost fatty, but not punchy. One might even say “smooth.” (But I would never, of course.) Sweet, honey, orange liqueur, and Muscovado sugar. Some eucalyptus and resin. And okay, maybe there’s a pinch of white pepper too.
Finish: Long and tingly. More sweetness. Gentle spices.






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