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Hardy Privilège Lalique Cuvée Bénédicte Grande Champagne Cognac

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Hardy Cognac Privilege: Rare, Round and Refined, taste the Cognac that survived two World Wars
The Hardy Privilege is an exquisite blend of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie harvested just before the First World War. Left to age for decades, it was bottled by none other than Jacques Hardy himself in 1983. A limited-edition of just 333 carafes, this rare pearl is not only a celebration of Hardy’s history but a collector’s item in its own right, signed off by Bénédicte Hardy to affirm its provenance and premium quality.

Distilled between 1906 and 1914, this rare and refined Cognac has survived two World Wars, waiting patiently in the finest oak casks for more than 70 years before being bottled during its optimum maturation period. Those lucky enough to get their hands on the Privilege have praised it for both its delicacy and finesse, we recommend purchasing a bottle to become part of those “privileged” few who get to try it.

Founded in 1863, the House of Hardy has made a name for itself with its audacious and recognizable style, both in their presentation and on the palate. Hardy Cognacs tend to be refined, round and offer an intense and distinguished bouquet, meaning any drinker can identify the flavors they produce. The Hardy Privilege truly embodies these character traits, and as the treasure of their Paradis cellar, this limited series is one of their most sought after products.

How to Enjoy:
If you have the Privilege of being able to try this exquisite mahogany masterpiece, we recommend sipping it neat in a snifter, a traditional Cognac drank in the most traditional way! Feel free to hand warm your glass to release the earthy, nutty tones of this limited edition.

Nose: Aromatic and rich with woody and nutty notes, some spice with nutmeg and the signature scent of cigar boxes.

Palate: Smooth with hints of Charente rancio, developing into spiciness, cherry and prune. Long and enchanting finish.

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