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A celebration of both old and new: Hine’s XO Antique Grande Champagne Cognac
Blended with eaux-de-vie exclusively from the premier cru, Grande Champagne, this Hine XO Antique Grande Champagne Cognac is innovation, a relic from the times of Georges Hine brought to life for the modern Cognac connoisseur. The recipe was developed in 1920 by Hine himself, and was relaunched in 2010 by the Cognac house as a single cru XO. The 40 different Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie have been aged for a minimum of 10 years in traditional French Limousin oak casks, a homage to Hine’s heritage and the Cognac house’s history of fine craftsmanship.

This traditional XO with a modern design is a celebration of both old and new, a new and exciting experience in the present that simultaneously pays its respects to the past. This elegant XO releases aromas of sweet vanilla, ripe green fruits with some delicate earthy tones punctuating the sweet and fruity notes, a perpetual play between fruit and oak.

On the palate, the warming sensation of spices only serves to enhance and lift the sweet and exotic vanilla, complemented by notes of hazelnut and quince. Accents of fig tart and blonde tobacco also present themselves on the palate in a long and lingering finish. This XO may not boast a typical flavor profile for a Grande Champagne blend, but it certainly proves why this region is considered the premier cru with its complexity and depth of character.

2013 – Gold – International Wine and Spirit Competition

Eye: A golden nectar color.
Nose: Aromas of sweet vanilla and oak, hints of fresh green fruits.
Palate: Delicately spiced, notes of hazelnut, quince, fig tart and blonde tobacco. It reveals some great notes of sweet vanilla, green fruits, slight spices on the tongue. The palate includes again spices and quite some earthy tones. A lingering finish.

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